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All posts tagged "electro pop"

  • Begin Again by Purity Ring

    After sixty-five fortnights, Purity Ring have returned with their super-tight second album Another Eternity. The pair ventured home to the frozen...

    Apple Store MusicJZJuly 26, 2015
  • Running Behind by HOLYCHILD

    HOLYCHILD is comprised of Liz Nistico and Louie Diller. They met in college in 2011, have been writing music ever since...

    Apple Store MusicJZMay 12, 2015
  • Help I’m Alive by Metric

    METRIC is Emily Haines, Jimmy Shaw, Joshua Winstead and Joules Scott Key. An independent rock and roll band empowered by their...

    Apple Store MusicJZMay 8, 2015